Rabu, 09 Februari 2011

Odd Semester 2010/2011 - First period lecturing

September 2010, for the first time, I took my responsibility as a lecturer. Before teaching period begin, many preparations I've done with. Prepare and of course take a deep review for the whole materials, make the regulation at class, conduct with other senior lecturer to discuss about how to make assignments or projects in class and so on.

In this semester, I've been trusted to teach 6 classes with 2 different subjects, which is Metode Perancangan Program and Algoritma MOOP1. The total credit is 20sks. No idea that it will be such tiring activities. Teach 4 classes with same materials (MPP), means repeating same course 4 times. No problem with the other 2 classes, just twice and it needs many interactions with students because of kind of subject is algorithm.

But, after of all I passed this odd period, I considered that I enjoyed to teach.
Many people say "ageless" (read: awet muda) as youngs around, fell young again??? of course, i am still young actually sir! :p

Many types of students found.
pleasing, diligent, love to ask (haha...), strong focus, also lazy one, sleep in class, and even the "nyolot" one, wkwkwk...

As life must be better than the previous chapter, I hope the next semester will be better than this odd semester :D

These are some photos with the guys and gals:

Algoritma MOOP 1 class

01POM - SI



Metode Perancangan Program class
03PHT - TI


03POT - TI

03PPT - TI

03PPT - TI

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